Kudos from the Community

"She has been a true gift, not only to me, but to our entire family."

"...Patti's guidance and wisdom was invaluable."

"If you are struggling with parenting challenges, no matter how big or small, run, don't walk to Patti.”

"When they say it takes a village, it does, and I'm glad Patti is in my village."

"...she remains my go-to parenting guru."


“I have known Patti for the last five years as a friend and colleague. Recently, I have started bringing Patti into my psychotherapy sessions to help with couples who are struggling with parenting issues. Her direct yet compassionate style has proven to be exceedingly effective. I highly recommend Patti as a skilled parent educator. I look forward to bringing her into future sessions.”

- Craig Lambert, LCSW

San Diego, CA


“If you are struggling with parenting challenges, no matter how big or small, run, don't walk to Patti. She will be there with an open mind and heart. We needed help with our boys, 13 and 15 years. I was concerned about how they were interacting with each other. Their constant conflicts seemed to escalate out of control and it started to have an effect on our whole family. Prior to working with Patti, our parenting was so inconsistent and the boys really took advantage. I felt they deserved better! We worked with her on strategies that made sense and could work for everyone. She helped me with boundaries, specifically what I was going to be able to tolerate from our sons and what was unacceptable behavior for us. Fast forward three years and our teens are thriving. I am so grateful that Patti continues to be there for us as a family.”

- Coltsneck, NJ

"As a new parent, Patti’s guidance and wisdom was invaluable. Now with three kiddos, she remains my go-to parenting guru. Her strategy is thoughtful, loving, pragmatic and easy to implement. I recommend Patti to any parent who needs guidance on the day to day parenting challenges."  

- Caitlin Costello, MD 

Solana Beach, CA

"When they say it takes a village, it does, and I’m glad Patti is in my village.  When you have the baby, you love her instantly. After ours started to outgrow the basic needs at 6 months, we really were lost.  She didn’t talk at 2 years old. Is that OK? Then we were introduced to Patti. I could tell she was really invested in making my kid a good human. We hired her several times over the years just checking in with our “parenting coach.” She has taught us some amazing things about our children's motives and ourselves as parents."

- Mike & Beth Milligan

San Diego, CA

"Patti has helped my family with many challenges from toddlerhood to teenagers.  She has given my husband and I tools to successfully co-parent and my children, the skills to deal with teachers, sticky social situations, and classroom bullies.  What I appreciate most about Patti is her funny, articulate and non-judgmental, communication style."

- Susanne Sherman

La Jolla, CA

"We sought Patti’s advice when we were desperate, with a thousand questions and seemingly no right answers. After meeting with other experts in the field and reading multiple parenting books, we met Patti.  Within several sessions, we firmly felt that we were on the right path, with a richer understanding of our children’s needs. We continue to seek Patti’s consultation throughout the many adventures and challenges parenting brings.” 

- Sean & Heidi Deitch, MD/DO

Solana Beach, CA


"I have had the opportunity to consult with Patti Aretz about parenting issues throughout the last five years.  I've found her to have an amazing balance that is supportive and insightful.  Without judgement, she emphathizes with your struggles, yet teaches you the perspective of your young child and where they are developmentally.  She teaches you how to set limits so that your child can learn and feel loved along the way.  She has been a true gift, not only to me, but to our entire family."

- Daniela Giangiorgi

Encinitas, CA

"Full of wisdom and compassion, Patti has guided us lovingly through many challenges and celebrated our successes as if they were her own. She has taught us so much. She has spot-on advice for all ages and stages of childhood and beyond. She helps you to recognize you can always do better and she will help you do just that. She is kind and funny and honest and real."

-Marie Frunzi & Ram Krishnan

San Diego, CA

“A good friend recommended Patti Aretz after she witnessed the contentiousness in our home. My husband and I quickly sought out Patti’s wisdom. There were too many raised voices and tears in our home. Patti gave us the tools and language to be more mindful and intentional with our words and actions. Our daughter responded immediately.  We no longer needed to raise our voices and the frustration between all of us diminished quickly. We still face challenges, but with Patti’s real-life parenting style, we know we are in good hands. We will continue to seek Patti’s advice and guidance for years to come as our family grows and changes.”  

- Sarah Landie, MSC

Cardiff, CA

“Patti has been an invaluable resource for us as parents.  Nobody has a working playbook for being a parent, so we are all looking for help, validation, inspiration or creativity as we navigate the highs and lows of parenting.  Patti, being accessible to us, has given us one source for it all."

- James & Emily Blake

Solana Beach, CA

"I recall the first time I observed Patti's magic with my first born. Patti seemed to immediately understand exactly what my timid, hesitant, toddler needed, using the most beautiful language and actions to make her feel safe and confident. I immediately knew that I wanted Patti in my corner to guide me through this crazy and challenging world of parenting. Six years and two more kids later, that's where she's remained, always available to answer questions and offer advice when I need it. Patti's passion is infectious and ability to impart her knowledge and parenting strategies in an empathetic, nonjudgmental way is invaluable. Over the years, I have had the good fortune of attending numerous group parenting sessions with Patti, and continue to do so now. As soon as you meet Patti, you will fall in love with her kind, inviting personality and awesome sense of humor!"

- Lauren Adams

Solana Beach, CA

The kids who need the most love will ask for it in the most unloving ways.” 

- Russell Barkley

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